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Sunday, October 14th, 2012
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Rocket Electronics announces release of ROCKONTROLLER 1 Print E-mail PDF Rocketry Planet Newsdesk RSS Feed
Industry News by Frank Hermes   
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ImageSANTEE, California USA — Rocket Electronics is pleased to announce the release of its latest product line, the RocKontroller 1TM which is a wireless launch control system.

Having successfully supplied its RockeTiltometer and RockeTiltometer 2 for use in several complex high powered rocketry projects, Rocket Electronics is now ready to help rocketeers with another aspect the model rocket hobby.

According to Frank Hermes, developer of the new RocKontroller 1 products at the Rocket
Electronics facility in Southern California, “We are pleased to be able to bring such innovative and exciting technology to the model rocketry community. Our goal with this line is to facilitate ease of use in an area of the hobby that can be particularly frustrating, particularly the higher power projects where distances from the pad to the LCO can be quite long; however, this new product can be a boon to virtually any level of rocketeering. As with our previous products, this new wireless launch controller series incorporates high-end technology to enhance the user experience and success of model rocketry projects.

After several episodes of dragging out long sets of cables for launch control only to find them defective and in need of repair or replacement, we decided to develop a simple-to-use, but sophisticated wireless launch control system", Frank said.

Frank added, “The new system is single pyro channel only operating at line-of-sight distances up to 2,000' between the PAD unit and the LCO unit, utilizing compact enclosures with internal antennas. A duck-type external antenna version is available offering distances up to 4,000'. The base system models use a standard 9V alkaline battery for e-match category igniters up to 2 amps, or, 3-cell LiPo battery models are available which provide a nominal 12V system with current capability greater than 10 amps for the more demanding igniters.

The entry level system with the 9V ignition and internal antenna is $229, complete with a 15' igniter cable and batteries.”

Unlike the RockeTiltometers which are sold on the Rocket Electronics website - , the RocKontroller 1 series will be a dealer only product. Deliveries from Jack Garibaldi at What's Up Hobbies - , should begin by the middle of May.

RocKontroller 1 Key Features:

  • No computer programming or connections required
  • Simple pushbutton operation - even to select a new operating frequency
  • Audible tones indicate continuity status and warn of system armed condition at both units
  • 2.4 GHz operating band is useable license free
  • System constantly monitors and indicates radio communication integrity
  • Line-of-sight operation up to 2,000’ with internal antenna - up to 4,000’ with external
    antenna option
  • 16 channel radio operation to assure reliable communication
  • Standard 9 volt battery system delivers >2 amps
  • High-current igniter option using 3-cell LiPo battery delivers >10 amps
  • Ignition de-activates after ignition timed pulse for safety in the event the igniter fuses
  • PAD unit standby life (continuity LED turned on) > 4 hours
  • Protected against reverse polarity battery connection
  • Equipped with fuse for protection against shorted igniter leads
  • System protected against shorts and thermal over-temp
  • Interlocking launch safety connector on LCO unit prevents launch signal when removed
  • Fifteen feet of 18-gauge ignition cable with locking connector on one end and alligator clips on igniter end for 9V systems, Models A and C
  • Thirty feet of 16-gauge ignition cable with locking connector on one end and alligator clips on igniter end for 12V systems, Models B and D
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