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Thursday, November 15th, 2012
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There are many advertising opportunities on Rocketry Planet. The most widely used and accepted form of advertising is with banner ads. It the site's current configuration, there are four "zones" for banner placement. Those zones, TOP, LEFT, RIGHT & BOTTOM are laid out in the graphic below:

  1. TOP position:
    Banners that run in the TOP position are 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. As an advertiser, you can target specific ads and place them in specific sections.
  2. LEFT & RIGHT positions:
    Banners that run along the LEFT or RIGHT positions are 160 pixels wide by any height dimension, although industry standard sizes range from 90 pixels in height to 600 pixels. The tab marked "A" indicates the entire area in which SIDE ads can be placed. Ads can be stacked for multiple placements along the same zone. Obviously a LEFT or RIGHT banner that is 180 pixels high takes the space of two 90 pixel high banners and would be priced accordingly, but it gives the advertiser control over the zone on that section of the site. The LEFT and RIGHT positions are not available for the Forum or Auction sections.  Some pages do not show LEFT positions as being available, but in most all situations except the Forums and Auctions, the LEFT position can be added.
  3. BOTTOM position:
    Banners that run in most positions of the BOTTOM position are 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.

The following sections are available for banner advertising purchases and are followed by the zones that are usable there:

  • WEBLINKS section, Main and/or any individual categorial pages - TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • FEATURES section, ALL pages - TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • NEWSDESK section, ALL pages - TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • ARCHIVES section, ALL pages - TOP, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • FORUMS section, ALL pages - TOP, BOTTOM
  • AUCTIONS section, ALL pages- TOP, BOTTOM
  • CHAT section, Main page - TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • CALENDAR section, ALL pages - TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM
  • MORE INFO section, ALL pages - TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM

All banner ad customers can choose to purchase either by "number of impressions", "number of clicks" or "defined time periods". Ads can be JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML, Flash or plain text formats. All customers are supplied with a unique customer account ID along with a secure banner management area where full statistical tracking is available compliant with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Association of American Advertising Agencies (AAAA) standards.

Other advertising opportunities exist, such as sponsorship space in the weekly email newsletter, auction notifications and site registration notifications. For more information on those, please use the Contact Us form. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

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