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Monday, October 22nd, 2012
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LIGHTen up and fly the night with Paralite!
Industry News by Leading Edge Rocketry   
Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ImageEUGENE, Oregon USA — Leading Edge Rocketry is thrilled to announce the release of ParaLite—a nighttime tracking recovery aid that is guaranteed to change the night skies...forever.

The ParaLite nighttime tracking aid is sure to light up the skies and be the main thrill of any night launch!

The heart of the ParaLite is an onboard microcontroller that monitors a 3 axis accelerometer and provides the strobing current that powers the brilliant 1 watt LED light. ParaLite’s intense pulsing will illuminate your parachute canopy allowing you to clearly track your rocket during night flight recovery! Available in 5 stunning colors including red, green, blue, yellow, white and blacklight, the ParaLite mounts directly below the parachute and lights up the parachute. Lost rockets will be a thing of the past with Paralite. As with all Leading Edge Night Flight products, batteries are included.

Here are just some of the things being said about the Paralite:

  • "The flights with the ParaLites last night were amazing!...I consider them indispensable."
  • “I used the Red ParaLite with and reddish chute...WOW! ParaLite will change night flights of rockets from here on out!“

Leading Edge Rocketry is the Pacific Northwest’s premier manufacturer of model rocket kits, micro rocket kits, rocket electronics and launch pad/controllers. Known for their specialty Night Flight kits, Leading Edge creates excitement among modelers by bringing today’s technology and manufacturing process to the forefront while getting back to the basics of emphasizing more on design and skill building and less on mass production. For more information about Leading Edge and their products visit

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