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Saturday, October 20th, 2012
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Transolve Announces the New TripleFire Flight Controller Print E-mail PDF Rocketry Planet Newsdesk RSS Feed
Use for Radio Control of Three Channels
Industry News by Transolve   
Friday, June 08, 2012

Transolve announces the new TripleFire unit. TripleFire is a radio control interface that provides 3 pyro channels. For use with spread spectrum radios only (not included), the unit has dual safety lockouts. A dedicated ENABLE channel, and G-switch circuit (hybrid safe) both allow firing only when intended.

Typical uses include airstart, staging, and recovery system activation. Outputs are switched with 10A smartFETs. A 105dB beeper is slaved to ENABLE for testing. The receiver is powered by the board; no extra battery is required.

TripleFire can also be used as a ground based launcher control system.

This video shows a Jerry O'Sullivan's complex, two stage Iris controlled by the the TripleFire. Even though there was a flight problem unrelated to the TripleFire, the TripleFire did its job and safely brought the rocket down.

Cost is $80.

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